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Founded in 1922 ZICKWOLFF is a major supplier of PIPING and TUBULAR PRODUCTS.

We provide the complete range of products needed for pipework and tubular constructions - including PIPES, TUBES, FLANGES, FITTINGS, ELBOWS, TEES, REDUCERS, VALVES and ACCESSORIES. In a comprehensive range of materials – CARBON STEELS, STAINLESS STEELS, ALLOYS, COPPER, PLASTICS. And according all INTERNATIONAL STANDARDS (DIN, EN, ASA, ANSI).

With stock levels of over 1.200 tons of prime quality fully certified material and support from many leading manufacturers we can assure short delivery times and competitive offers. In combination with additional services such as interim storage, cutting, coating, prefabrication and export packing, we are able to supply comprehensive solutions for Plant Engineering and Industries. As a result we provide various complete packages of materials for major projects in the Energy, Chemical, Water, Medical and Food Sectors.

The wishes and demands of our customers help us to stay fast, flexible and attractive. So whether a request is for a single item for an urgent maintenance requirement or for a cost effective single source of a total project requirement - we always ensure reliable and competent processing fully in accordance with your specific demands.

Product Range


» boiler tube
» screwed pipe
» hydraulic pipe
» recision pipe
» stainless steel pipes
» carbon steel pipes
» galvanized pipes
» plastic pipes
» seamless and welded, standard and heavy
wall thicknesses, all standardized dimensions

» weld neck flanges
» blind flanges
» threaded flanges
» welding flanges
» lapped flanges
» collars

» elbows
» tees
» reducers
» caps
» seamless and welded, standard and heavy
wall thicknesses, all standardized dimensions

» stainless steel
» carbon steel
» galvanized
» brass
» copper
» plastic

» industrial valves
» heavy valves

» cutting
» blasting
» coating
» galvanizing
» marking
» product engineering
» interim storage
» trucks with crane

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